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Mangano Sewer and Drain offers complete sewer cleaning services and exceptional customer care. We understand that you need efficiency and high quality at a fair price. Our reasonable rates don’t mean that you get low quality. We use high-end materials and provide high-end workmanship. Our professional technicians are certified, licensed, and experienced experts with many years in this industry. We know everything about drains, pipes, and sewers. With this knowledge, we provide professional, thorough service.


We offer many services to the people of Suffolk County and Nassau County Long Island:

* Cesspool Services
* Sewer Services
* Commercial Plumbing
* Storm Drain Cleaning
* Hydro Jetting
* Kitchen, Bathroom Sinks, Shower & Main Line Cleaning
* Main Line Repair & replacement
* Video Inspection
* Dry Well Installation
* Commercial Maintenance
* Municipal Maintenance
* Cesspool Installations
* Aeration
* Chemical Treatment
* Electronic Cesspool Locating
* Sewer Jetting
* Grease Traps

Septic Systems: What they are, how they work, and why they fail

Homes not connected to municipal sewers have sewage disposal systems called cesspools or septic systems. The septic tank separates solids from liquids. Heavier solid waste, sludge, accumulates at the bottom of the tank, while a layer of lighter waste, scum, floats to the top.

Natural bacteria that partially decomposes the waste. The septic tank removes solids from the wastewater before the wastewater enters the cesspool.

Systems fail because of a lack of maintenance.
Solid waste can overload a septic tank or cesspool not pumped regularly. The waste can clog the surrounding soil, prevent proper drainage and cause the system to overfill. Waste can back up into the house.

Regular system maintenance will help homeowners avoid costly repairs. Septic systems and cesspools require cleaning every two years. Our technicians don’t just clean your drains and sewers. They provide high-quality customer service. We are the best sewer and drain service around, and we earn our reputation by giving more than customers expect.

We also offer complete inspections and 24-hour emergency services.
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