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Long Island's Affordable Cesspool Pumping Company

Most home owners who have cesspools understand that they need to be maintained and pumped out regularly to prevent major problems. Pumping septic tanks should be done every two or three years and may cost a few hundred dollars. If this task is postponed too long, you may be left with no choice by to replace the entire system, which may run well into the thousands of dollars.

Mangano Sewer & Drain is prepared to be your partner in maintaining your cesspool in Long Island. With more than 50 years of experience, this family owned and operated company not only provides cesspool pumping, cleaning and maintenance services, but also offers comprehensive commercial and residential plumbing offerings.

City sewer systems take household waste water into a central drainage system, but cesspools are tied to a particular house and sized to your family's water usage. Gravity helps wastewater move through the septic tank to a drainage field on your property.

When wastewater from your kitchen and bathrooms enter the septic tank, the solids sink to the bottom and form sludge while the oils float on the top of the water to form scum. The water makes up about 90 percent of the tank's contents and stays in the middle of it all.

Although bacteria should be slowly breaking down the sludge layer, this layer needs to be cleaned occasionally to prevent too much sludge accumulation. Mangano Sewer & Drain will send out our professionals to pump and clean your cesspool, transport the waste, and dispose of it properly. We can also check the other components of your entire septic system to ensure that it is working properly. If there comes a time to replace your entire system, you can rely on Mangano Sewer & Drain to provide a reasonable, honest estimate for the best system for your home.

Besides providing these services, Mangano Sewer & Drain offers mainline cleaning and repair, storm drain cleaning, and kitchen or bathroom drain cleaning and repair. Our professionally certified, fully insured staff makes it a priority to deliver high quality services at affordable prices.

When it's time to get a cesspool pumping cost Long Island, call Mangano Sewer We guarantee our work and will strive to exceed your expectations.