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Sewer Line Replacement

If you have ever experienced a sewer or water line blockage, then you know how hectic it can get. Many things can cause a sewer or water block such as soil or freezing ground. Also, the buildup of paper, grease and other foreign waste can prevent proper flow in the pipe. A common cause is root infiltration, where roots from a nearby shrub or tree enter the sewer line from a joint and expand to fill up the pipe with a hair-like root mass.

Diagnosing a sewer or water line problem

It is important to carry out diagnostic procedures to determine the primary cause of the sewer or water line problem. With the new technological advancements, diagnosing these issues often takes a short time and is done accurately. The procedure involves putting a camera straight into the line, making it possible for the expert to detect the exact problem.

Types of line replacement:

Traditional repair method

Sewer or water line repair is usually performed using a trench or open cut method. In this technique, the area along the line is dug so as to gain access to the damaged part of the piping. Next, the pipe is replaced, and the land is refilled again. In most cases, a backhoe is used in excavation and refilling of the work area. The technique is not popular as it tampers with the landscape of the area.

Trenchless repair techniques

Thanks to Mangano Sewer & Drain, line replacement no longer means ruined driveways and destroyed yards. Mangano Sewer & Drain offers the trenchless sewer line repair which has less effect on the landscape as compared to traditional repair methods. Here are two techniques provided under the trenchless repair methods:

Pipe bursting

Here, the expert makes two holes at either end of the pipe. A hydraulic machine is then used to pull a full sized replacement pipe via the old path. The damaged pipe is broken, while at the same time the new one is fixed in position. The new pipe is usually highly resistant to root intrusion and leaks; thus has a long life expectancy.

Pipe lining

In re-lining, the damaged sewer line is replaced by creating a pipe within a pipe. The process restores both flow and function. The inside of the existing pipe is molded using an epoxy lining to create a smooth inner wall that is similar to those in food cans.

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