Superior Plumbers on Long Island

Plumbers Long Island perform some of the most important installations and repairs for homeowners and businesses, taking care of systems that are used daily and are critical to the comfort and functioning of the home or facility itself. As a leading plumber in Long Island, Mangano Sewer & Drain should be your choice when you require commercial or residential plumbing services.

Our family-owned and operated organization provides comprehensive sewer and drain cleaning services including everything from mainline cleaning and repair to kitchen sink drains and grease traps. Our professionally certified, insured staff will work hard to exceed your expectations. Whether you require chemical treatments, commercial plumbing, hydro or sewer jetting, or storm drain cleaning, you can depend on Mangano Sewer & Drain to deliver.




Clogged drains are a common problem for many homeowners and we are ready to tackle any clog, whether small or large. If you can't resolve a clog yourself, it's important to find an expert plumber to do the job so that you don't end up with an even more costly plumbing problem down the road. Poorly performed plumbing repairs can be dangerous and expensive to rectify.

We are also particularly well-suited to install, locate, clean and service cesspool or septic systems. When a home is not connected to a municipal sewer system, a home septic system collects waste from kitchens and bathrooms. According to most environmental groups, home septic systems should be cleaned every two years.

Plumbers Long Island, serving Long Island communities since 1970, is also an expert in kitchen, bathroom sinks and shower plumbing services, dry well installation, commercial and municipal maintenance.

When you call our company, we will send out a plumbing professional to examine your plumbing issue. Then we will put together a plan for the repair, an estimate of the costs and a timeline for completion. We employ the latest video inspection technology so we can get an accurate idea of the plumbing situation and find the best, most cost-effective solution. We proudly warranty all our repairs.

The next time you need a plumber in Long Island, call Mangano Sewer We promise to provide you with a high-quality, timely and cost-effective plumbing solution.