The plumbing system of a home or business is one of those things that most people take for granted, until it is not working properly. Then the humble sink, toilet or drain rockets to the top of the day's priority list to be repaired. When that happens, Mangano Sewer & Drain - Sewer Jetting Suffolk County can help.

Mangano Sewer & Drain comes to your door as a family-owned and operated business with more than 50 years of experience. The firm is ready to provides complete sewer and drain cleaning services including mainline cleaning and repair, septic system repair and replacement, chemical treatments, commercial plumbing and storm drain cleaning. Our professionally certified and insured staff is ready to help you find quality, cost-effective and reliable plumbing solutions.

High-pressure jetting is one area of expertise for Mangano Sewer & Drain. This method employs a motor that puts water under high pressure in order to clean out sewer and drain lines effectively. The high pressure pump pushes water through a jetting hose and specially designed nozzle. Our professionals use this system to direct the high pressure water in different ways for various purposes. For instance, water aimed at the walls of drain or sewer pipes do a better job cleaning them, but jetted water moved down the center of the pipe will pull the hose more effectively through the pipes.

Mangano Sewer & Drain uses forward jets to start to unclog blockages or remove tree roots that have invaded the drain or sewer pipes. Rear jets complete the job by following through with high pressure water. Professionals use heavier nozzles to clear storm sewer pipes that have a tendency to collect gravel, dirt and other heavier materials. And for drains with built-up grease causing blockages, Mangano Sewer & Drain relies on a rotary spinning nozzle to effectively scrape the sides of the pipe.

Whether you need our sewer jetting services or simply a plumber to unclog a kitchen drain, be sure to call Mangano Sewer & Drain. Our technicians at Sewer Jetting Suffolk County are ready to come up and conduct a comprehensive exam of your plumbing issue and deliver a quality, cost-effective solution.