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  • This is the first company to actually educate me about the issues my home has been having. Every year for the past three years I end up with clogged pipes outside of my house leading to the sewer system. I have used various companies in the past nd they had all given me different theories that may explain my problematic pipes. Bernie from Mangano sewer and Drain was the first person to actually take the time to investigate deeply into the issue and come to me with a reasonable explanation with alot of supporting facts and reasons that made sense to me. I will always use this company from now on because they took the time to fix my problem, rther than give me a temporary relief with a bunch of excuses. Thank you for the effort you have put into my home and taking the time to value your customers!


  • Acting fast With Our emergency!
    I would like to thank Mangano company for acting fast with our emergency. I called at 3 pm on Oct 31, did not receive a call back (due to storm sandy causing bad telephone problems), so i called 10 mins later, someone did answer and assured me someone would be at my home between 4 and 6 pm that evening. To my surprise, the gentleman (Johnathan), showed up at 4 pm! He was very polite, informative, and went straight to his work. when we thought we have solved the problem (cesspool to be cleaned, ariated, and treated), come to find out we had a major clog!!! After him and my husband where there working on this for a good 45 mins, finally all was clear, and we had everything working again. If it wasn't for Johnathan, we still would have had a problem, because most companies would have said "my job is done, you are on your own." So, i would like to thank him so much for helping us more than what his job required and thank Mangano for being very responsive to our call. I would definitely recommend this company and now we have a great company we can rely on!

    Teresa Romero

  • quicker picker upper
    I can't believe what a nice servicable company they are. From the girl who answered the phone to the technician who showed up at our house... they were super courteous and answered all my questions with ease. I didn't feel like they were making it all up as they went along. The tech came to the house and when I told him the problem was in the upstairs bathroom he promptly took off his shoes (it was snowing that day) so he didn't make a mess. He even brought a mat in to sit his tools and machine on so that he didn't scratch or mark up my tile. All in all... a great company that Id definitely recommend!!


  • service for my dad
    My dad is elderly and he lives alone. I work two jobs and do my best to be there to help him, but I cant always be there. My father was having a problem with his tub draining slowly. I found Manganos online and liked their reviews. They came within an hour and called me when they were on their way. I was stuck at work and couldn't be there, they accepted the credit card over the phone after the job was done. When I got home I went to check the tub out for myself, and was told by my dad that the tech came, did the job, cleaned up after himself, and talked with my dad the whole time..Being that he lives alone it meant a lot to me that the guy was nice to my dad and recognized that a lonely old man might enjoy someone listen to his old stories. I will definitely use Mangano's again, not only was their work professional and timely, but they just seem like a nice company of real people.


  • This company was awesome beginning to end
    This company is awesome. With all the rain we'd been having i had some serious flooding in my basement. they came and put a pump in that ran to the street to get the water out of my house. i actually had so much water that even though the pump was doing its job if i wanted to beat it i needed another. we put a second in, and they called and stayed in touch with me all through the time i had the pumps, they answered all my questions and were just all around knowledgeable and provided a great service. id use them again in a heartbeat.

    by jrvkn14

  • Customer for Life!
    I had such a great experience with Manganos I dont know where to begin. I used them two years ago when I bought my house and they were great then. They did a septic inspection for us and found that the system was old and needed to be replaced ...MoreI had such a great experience with Manganos I dont know where to begin. I used them two years ago when I bought my house and they were great then. They did a septic inspection for us and found that the system was old and needed to be replaced. They also noted that some of the plumbing wasnt right and to code. I was able to give my attorney and realtor this information before we bought the house and we saved about 5k in closing. Our system was replaced and we decided to wait on the plumbing- big mistake. Two weeks ago we had a frozen pipe, no water, AND a pipe burst on two seperate sides of the house. The heat wasnt making it upstairs to my daughters room- I just a baby a few months ago and of course my husband was away on business. I totally freaked out and remembered the magnet on my fridge. I called and when they heard my story, got someone to me as soon as they could. They were great, they unfroze the pipe (which then got the heat working upstairs) and fixed the burst. I have to say from start to finish i have nothing but good things to say about this company. Ill be a customer for life.